Alphedia’s Book Launch at Three Wishes Faery Festival 19th -21st June Cornwall

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Messages from Nature’s Guardians, my first book was launched at the Three Wishes Faery Festival that is held every year at Bodmin Moor in magical Cornwall. This event is the gathering of the UK Faery Clan – artists, musicians, performers, face painters, faery fans and children. Organised by Karen Kay, Editor of FAE Mag, also contributor to my book, it seemed the ideal venue to launch a magical book about the beings of the unseen Elemental realms and to bring their important environmental messages for us at this time out into the world at large. I was asked to run daily workshops also on teaching people about how to work with the Fairies. I had such a brilliant time, met many wonderful people and one very special snake, that I have decided to share my experiences of the event with you.

Day 1 – Arriving at Bodmin Moor

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So we arrived in the truck around 6pm at The Collingford Lake Park where the festival was being held. As soon as we arrived we meet familiar faces and everyone of the exhibitors and entertainers were busily putting up their tents. Not us though we had a new yurt which Richard had built from scratch with his own fair hands. After much sawing, measuring, sewing we had brought a yurt all the way down from Scotland which had to be assembled. Being a delicate Fairy myself, I was unable to be of much assistance so gleefully went off to chat to my Fairy sister, fabulous Fantasy Artist, Myrea Pettit and find where our stalls were to be for the weekend. I was pleased to find I was opposite Myrea and beside Chris Down another great Fantasy Artist. After an hour our majestic blue Fairy Yurt was up and being admired by all around! I was very impressed with Richard’s handywork and also how comfortable he had made it inside. This was luxury camping. Once the air bed was blown up and the duvet out it was very cosy. Although we had no kettle, stove, lamp or other essentials so a trip to Bodmin before the event opened was the on the cards the next day. I had not camped for 8 years since being in Orkney one very wet May but slept sounding understanding only now really how people can actually live in them!

19th June – Messages from Nature’s Guardians first sales

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I had to be up relatively early to do a BBC Cornwall Breakfast Show interview with some fellow fairies – Flavia, Flame, Ollie, Karen, Victoria. The interviewer was fascinated to know I had not always been a Fairy but used to work as a political researcher in the Scottish Parliament. I researched the Environment – Fairies are guardians of the environment – makes perfect sense to me! Anyway Richard and I headed to Bodmin for camping essentials and Mead for Flavia but the Fairies must have drunk it all as none was to be had!

The gates opened at 10 am so the festival began and the crowds started arriving. I had set my stall up with my new Book banner and put out all the Ascension Spheres for doing attunements. These are a great new meditation tool that connects you to the pure consciousness of the deity you have chosen to be attuned to. Be it an Archangel, Fairy, Elemental, Star System, Goddess, Ascended Master. They open up your sixth sense and allow you to become more psychic as well as have spiritual healing on many levels.

My book editor Kate Osbourne arrived with her assistant Gemma which was great because I had not seen Kate for 9 months. It was the first of her seeing the book which was very exciting for all involved. At 2pm my book was launched in the Fairy School in the woodland and featured artists Myrea Pettit and Josephine Walls attended which was lovely. Then I ran a workshop teaching people how to communicate with Fairies and Elementals. I opened up people’s Elemental chakra through a meditation the Fairies had given me. People gave me lovely feedback on how powerful the meditation was and then I signed copies of my book. My first book sale! Although thank you to the 35 people who pre ordered my book without even seeing it! After I had done some attunements with people I went off the explore the stalls in Goblin’s Grove, and around the main festival area. The music started playing and I got chatting to a colourful lady who had a snake around her neck. Being very scared of snakes (due to being killed by a cobra in a past life!) I just assumed it was plastic! Who walks about with a snake around her neck!? WELL Kwali does as it turns out!

So at around 7.30pm she had said to me she was going to be doing some dancing to a new song she had composed. So Richard and I settled down. I told him I was speaking to her earlier that is a plastic snake around her neck. Well was listening to the song, enjoying the dancers and Richard said “I don’t thing that snake is plastic!” I am like, yeah it is I was just 1 foot from it. Well at the end the snake slithered down and was a very real python! I was so shocked I went over after and asked to touch it – me being scared of snakes it felt lovely. I told Kwali that I could do animal telepathy and communication so could try and talk to it if she wanted next day. We spend the night listening to the music and chatting to Linda Ravenscroft’s daughter Vivienne who is a budding writer. At midnight I was back in the Fairy yurt trying to get my beauty sleep fully aware not only one snake but three were just 5 metres away from me!!

20th June – Holding a snake

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So after a good sleep I woke up and got dressed. It was dry and I was doing a talk on Abundance Fairies today at 2pm. I was walking past Kwali’s tent and asked how the snakes were. She said Kundalini who I met the previous day was still sleeping so I could hold her but the corn snake and the boa were awake. She brought them out but I did not fancy holding them. They felt far too alert. She got Kundalini out who was twisted in a ball and put her in my hands. Kundalini started talking to Kwali but I couldn’t hold her long as it was a big thing for me to hold a snake! The day got underway with everyone dressed very fairyish and pretty. Everyone seemed to enjoy my Abundance Fairy workshop and later I went to Flavia’s one which was good too. I got interviewed by BBC cornwall by a man that did not believe in Fairies but was interested in my near death experience. I met Hayley Rust for the first time which was great. Hayley did four pieces for original artwork for my book! Which are fantastic as she is a pyschic artist.

In the evening Richard and I went out for a meal with David and Myrea to celebrate our three year anniversary and we asked the Fairies to guide us to the restraunt. With me going turn left then right and much laughter we found a lovely restaraunt in Bodmin and had a lovely three course meal together. So late to bed knowing that we were to be up at the crack of dawn to join Mark and Dorra in a solstice sun ritual!

21st June – Summer Solstice

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Summer Solstice – longest day of the year. The night the Fairies and Elementals hold their big party.

Woke up at 4.45pm to hear banging drums. I had set the alarm for 5.15am to go across the site to where Mark Lepus and his wife Dorra were to be conducting a welcoming the sun drumming ritual at 5.30am. In my panic that we had over slept after just 4 hours sleep I dragged Richard out of bed. Only to discover they were just getting everyone woken up! We took our drums and walked up to the hill where everyone was starting to gather and the sun was starting to rise. It was a really powerful experience with the singing and the drums. Unfortunately not being very rhythmical myself my beat was always just out and then a cheeky fairy said that I was beating the Fairy rhythem! They then told me that on this hill was where their party would be that night. I always took people out at the solstice and equinoxs to see the Fairies to decided I would do a Fairy walk at 10.30pm that night.

We talked Chris Down into coming back to our yurt for breakfast and we chatted til 9am when the stall was to open. I however went to visit Kwali and Kundalini who was awake and up for chatting. She talked to kwali for a good 15 mins telling her about the other snakes and their problems and who wanted to be in a tank with who. Then she told me I was ready to hold her. We went outside and she put her around my neck. Kundanlini kept whispering to me I won’t hurt you, I won’t hurt you and I completely trusted her. She felt lovely around my neck and I felt so pleased that the Violet Flame Ascension Spheres had helped me to get over my snake fear! They are such beautiful animals and have a lot of wisdom to impart to us as a race.

During the day I did a Guardian Elemental workshop teaching people about why they may have a guardian fairy or mermaid with them and took them on a meditation to meet them. In the evening we listened to the music and them watched Kwali and Flame do an amazing Fire Dance which Richard drummed for them. After that we all gathered and I took people on an Elemental walk just teaching them about what Elemental lived where on route to the meadow where the Fairy party was to be. By the time we got to the hill i had about 60 people listening to me and the Fairies. I told them Fairies appear as bright white pinprick flashes of light and if we dropped into the Fairy realm we could see them better. I have not taken as many as 60 people’s energy before down to that level but it worked and people started to see them. After a while I was told the party would start over the lake with undines and kelpies so we turned to look and two minutes later the flashing all began!

It was a magical end to a magical weekend and I would advise any Fairy lovers to attend next year too!